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Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
Paperback Amethyst English By (author) Shannon Hale , By (author) Dean Hale 11/09/2021

Healing Crystals - A Guide to Working with Tourmaline
Paperback English By (author) Brenda Hunt 7/19/2021


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Paperback English By (author) Amy Reeder 3/02/2021

Amethyst: Healing power, health benefits and other metaphysical properties (Crystals)
by Robert Dosa (Author) 8/22/2018

A Beginner's Guide to Working with Healing Crystals
Paperback English By (author) Brenda Hunt 9/14/2015

The Amethyst Light : Messages for the New Millennium from the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
Paperback English By (author) Violet Starre 6/30/2004

February Birthstone Amethyst: 120-Page Lined February Birthstone Journal Notebook (Birthstone Gifts) (Volume 2) 1st Edition
by Nifty Notebooks (Author) 10/11/2017

Amethyst: Chase Family Series Book 1 (Chase Family Series: The Jewels)
Paperback by Lauren Royal (Author) 3/23/2012

Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon
Hardcover by Flora Peschek-Bohmer (Author), Gisela Schreiber (Author), Sibylle Dausien (Translator) 11/01/2004

Amethyst Geode Sphere
Wide Amethyst Geode
Giant-Cut Base Amethyst Geode-Crystal Cluster-Uruguyan-Imported-High Quality
Agate Rimmed Amethyst Cathedral Geode, F63
Baby Amethyst Geode
Amethyst Cluster with Cut Base (Extra & Dark) (5" - 6") No Polished Edges - 1pc.



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