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Gabriel & Co. has gifts for every occasion. Commemorate your special day with our vast selection of fine jewelry. Shop now.
Shop fine jewelry at Gabriel & Co. and celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone.
A lot of men ask - "What Do Women Want?" Besides love, affection, success and prosperity, it's very simple:

Women Want Gabriel. Fine Jewelry Everyday.

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Gabriel & Co. has been featured in magazines such as: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, In-Style, and The Knot. Fine jewelry and Bridal engagement ring. They have jewelry for every type of woman, whatever her style and personality. Luxurious designs.

Conflict-Free Diamonds
Gabriel & Co. upholds strict ethical standards, particularly those regarding diamond sourcing. Each diamond set and sold in one of their jewelry settings is in full compliance with the certification system of the Kimberley Process, as defined by the United Nations. Under the guaranteed system instituted by this process, each partner provides a certificate that attests to the sourcing of diamonds from non-conflict countries. This ensures the credibility of diamond trade, eradicating the circulation of stones from countries in situations of armed conflict.

Identification Number
They have established an inventory tracking system for every jewelry piece they have designed, produced and shipped to their retail partners as well as customers. Each piece includes a unique laser inscribed Gabriel serial number that is trackable once registered online and recorded as proof of purchase. The unique serial number engraved onto each new piece at the outset of its production is tracked through a 26-step process.


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