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Skype Out and Skype Calling Plan – allows you to call landlines and cellphones around the world at local rates. This is their best-selling product.

SkypePro – a subscription to some of their best products in one easy package. You can call phones for free (minimal connection fee applies) and make cheap international calls from your cellphone. You also receive 50% off SypeIn, free voicemail and a free Skype To Go number as well as discounts on hardware purchases.

SkypeIn – skype users receive a Skype phone number which other people can call from any phone worldwide. The package also includes free voicemail.

Skype Voicemail – never miss another message. You can set up voicemail so your contacts can leave messages when they are offline, unavailable or on another call.

Get Skype Unlimited - unlimited calls to any phone in the US and Canada. Just US$29.95 a year. Download Skype now and get five minutes of calls to anyone in the top 30 destinations around the world.Make and receive calls to ordinary phones with your computer. skype emoticons skype parent company

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