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Winning Personal Injury Cases: A Personal Injury Lawyer's Guide to Compensation in Personal Injury Litigation
Paperback by Evan Aidman (Author) 11/10/2015

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim Ninth Edition
by Joseph Matthews Attorney (Author) 5/30/2015


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The Straight Talk Guide to Lawsuit Funding: An Introduction to Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding
Paperback by Mr Karl A. Minner (Author) 2/20/2015

Winning Your Personal Injury Case: The Ultimate 8 Step Guide To Protect Your Health, Family and Finances
Paperback by Doug Zanes (Author) 8/08/2014

A Cup Of Coffee With 10 Of The Top Personal Injury Attorneys In The United States: Valuable insights you should know before you settle your case
Paperback by Sam Aguiar Esq. (Author), Randy Van Ittersum (Author), Janet Ward Black Esq. (Author), Gerald R. Stahl Esq. (Author), Randy V. Pelham Esq. (Author), Collin D. Kennedy Esq. (Author), James Heiting Esq. (Author), James D. Hagelgans Esq. (Author), Mark R. Gaertner Esq. (Author), Christian Anouge II Esq. (Author), John M. O'Brien Esq. (Author), Richard E. Spalding (Editor), Jack Stevens (Assistant) 7/24/2014

The Lawyers' Guide to Personal Injury Law
(Paperback) by Jason Shapiro (Author) 11/08

A Lawyer's Guide to Personal Injury Cases
(Paperback) by Tim Rayne (Author), Esq. (Author) 10/08

Lawyer: My Trials and Jubilations
by Joe Jamail, Mickey Herskowitz 10/03

Apil Model Letters for Personal Injury Lawyers
by John McQuater 3/03

So You Want to Be a Lawyer
by Law School Admission Council 7/01

Know-how for Personal Injury Lawyers and Conditional Fees (Know-how Series)
by Ian Walker, Geraldine McCool, et al 8/97

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers & Law
by Leading American Attorneys 1/97

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers & Law
by Leading American Attorneys 1/97

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