Monkeypox Pathogenesis - Monkey Pox Disease - Monkey Pox Virus - Human Monkeypox

Human Monkeypox (Monographs in Virology, Vol 17)
by Zdenek Jezek, Frank Fenner (Editor) 71 11/88

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Monkeypox Investigators Track Exotic Pets


By ADAM JADHAV, Associated Press Writer CHICAGO - Investigators trying to stop the first outbreak of monkeypox in the Western Hemisphere scoured seven states Tuesday for dozens of prairie dogs and other exotic pets sold by an Illinois distributor.


Monkeypox is a viral disease with a clinical presentation in humans similar to that seen in the past in smallpox patients. Smallpox no longer occurs, following its worldwide eradication in 1980, whereas monkeypox is still seen as a sporadic disease in parts of Africa.

The virus responsible for monkeypox is related to the virus that used to cause smallpox (both are orthopoxviruses). Vaccination against smallpox (no longer necessary) also gave protection against monkeypox. Before the eradication of smallpox, vaccination was widely practised and protected against both diseases. However, children born after 1980 have not been vaccinated against smallpox and are likely to be more susceptible to monkeypox than older members of the population. The death rate from monkeypox is highest in young children, reaching about 10%.


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