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Reloading for Handgunners
Blue Book of Gun Values
Personal Defense Premium Collection
Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob
2012 Standard Catalog of Firearms
Gun Digest Book of the .22 Rifle
Tactical Firearms: The Fundamental Premium Collection
Standard Catalog of Military Firearms
Standard Catalog of® Smith & Wesson
Gun Digest 1944-2009 3-DVD Set
Gun Digest 2012
Gun Digest Book of The Tactical Rifle
Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings
Gun Digest® Shooter's Guide to the 1911
Gun Digest Buyer's Guide to Tactical Rifles
The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry
Spyderco P'KAL Trainer G-10, Red
Spyderco Chokwe G-10 Plainedge Knife, Black
Gun Digest Book of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly
Spyderco ParaMilitary2 G-10 Black Blade Plainedge Knife, Camo

Gun Digest Store - the best books, information, tips, and inspiration for gun collectors and gun enthusiasts. is a property of F+W Media. Gun Digest: The World’s Foremost Authority on Guns … In Print and Now Online. Gun Digest Annual Book.

Get all 65 years of the Gun Digest annual book archives on a 1944-2009 3-DVD set!
Gun Digest is a longtime firearms-industry leader, with a publishing history reaching back into the golden age of World War II, with the inaugural 1944 first edition of the Gun Digest annual book. Since that time, the Gun Digest annual has become crowned “the world’s greatest gun book.” That’s because Gun Digest is the trusted go-to guide for feature articles, new product reports and a completely illustrated firearms catalog, now in it’s 65th edition. The 2011 issue celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 1911. Gun Digest Books. Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Gun Digest also publishes a wide-array of specialty books for gun collectors and those with interests in particular firearms on gun prices and gun values. For example, the Standard Catalog of Firearms is the gun collector’s ultimate reference — a voluminous tome with over 1500 pages — and contains 7,500 photographs and extended descriptions that let you know exactly what you’ve got and what it’s worth.

You’ll find the Gun Digest imprint on manufacturer-specific Standard Catalogs, including the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms, Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms, Standard Catalog of Remington Firearms, Standard Catalog of Browning Firearms, Standard Catalog of Military Firearms and the Standard Catalog of Civil War Firearms. So, no matter what gun tickles your fancy, there’s a Standard Catalog to help you buy, sell and collect it.

Other Gun Books. Gunsmithing Pistols & Revolvers, 3rd Edition By Patrick Sweeney
The World’s Foremost Gun Authority is a title Gun Digest takes seriously, offering a portfolio of books for all gun owners. Other books published by Gun Digest cover Firearm Assembly/Disassembly; Antique Guns; Blackpowder & Muzzleloaders; Collectible Guns; Gunsmithing; Handguns, Hunting; Knife Books, Military Guns and Weapons; Personal Protection; Pistols; Price Guides; Reloading/Handloading; Shooting; Tactical; CD/DVDs and Downloads.

Gun Digest the Magazine

In late fall of 2004, a tabloid-style gun classifieds newspaper, titled Gun List, was revamped. It would feature the same extensive gun classifieds and auction listings, but the new periodical was beefed up with feature articles and columns on gunsmithing, reloading, long-range shooting, shotgunning, gun collecting and commentary – the same quality information found in the annual book. In 2006, Gun List underwent a name change to Gun Digest the Magazine; its editorial and classifieds format have remained intact ever since.

Published bi-weekly, Gun Digest the Magazine offers shooting enthusiasts the best and most current gun news, and firearms for sale. Plus, it features great articles from the best gun writers in the country. Columnists include Brian McCombie, Charlie Cutshaw, Dave Morelli, Dave Workman, Walt Hampton, Scott Bestul, Scott Freigh, Dan Shideler, Phillip Peterson, Kevin Muramatsu and Nick Niles.




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