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United States Army Heroes in the War on Terrorism - Operation Iraqi Freedom
Paperback by C. Douglas Sterner (Author) 1/08/2016

The Iraq War: Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 (Modern Warfare)
Paperback – Illustrated, by Anthony Tucker-Jones (Author) 6/19/2014


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Iraqi Perspectives Project: A View of Operation Iraqi Freedom from Saddam's Senior Leadership
Paperback by Kevin M. Woods (Author), Michael R. Pease (Contributor), Mark E. Stout (Contributor), Williamson Murray (Contributor), James G. Lacey (Contributor), Joint Center for Operational Analysis and Lessons Learned (Contributor) 1/13/2013

Strategic Reflections: Operation Iraqi Freedom July 2004 - February 2007
Paperback by George W. Casey (Author) 1/05/2013

F-16 Fighting Falcon Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Combat Aircraft)
Paperback – Illustrated, by Steve Davies (Author), Doug Dildy (Author), Chris Davey (Illustrator) 2/28/2006

Secrets and Lies: Operation Iraqi Freedom and After: A Prelude to the Fall of U.S. Power in the Middle East?
Paperback by Dilip Hiro (Author) 12/25/2003

US Navy F-14 Tomcat Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Combat Aircraft)
Paperback by Tony Holmes (Author), Jim Laurier (Illustrator) 7/13/2005

I am a Soldier, too: The Jessica Lynch Story
by Rick Bragg, Jessica Lynch 27 11/03

Because Each Life Is Precious: Why an Iraqi Man Came to Risk Everything for Pvt. Jessica Lynch
by Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief (Author) 41 10/03

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards
Iraqi Most-Wanted deck of Poker Cards
This is the deck of complete 55 cards given to the Coalition soldiers featuring Iraqi "Most-Wanted" leaders. Get the real playing cards from the original art print!

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