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iKobo is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that offers online money transfer to more than 145 countries. iKobo uses a re-loadable Visa Debit card to make sending money fast, simple and secure. The service can be used to send funds to any country with an existing ATM network, or wherever Visa Debit is accepted for purchases. iKobo Money Transfer is particularly popular recurring remittances, since once the card is received, subsequent transactions take only seconds.

Why iKobo is the best way to transfer money worldwide?

• Send money without getting up from the computer.
• 24/7 availability. Money transfers can be authorized at any time, day or night.
• Transfer funds in seconds to any of over 145 countries.
• Recipients can get cash at any of more than 800,000 Visa ATMs world wide.
• The sender and receiver can monitor the card’s activity and balance online.
• No receiving agent means no problem for the recipient.
• A PIN-protected ATM is more secure than carrying large amounts of cash. In many areas, ATM cards are considered a prestigious and sophisticated way to manage funds.

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