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Nuclear Power

Atoms and Ashes: A Global History of Nuclear Disasters
Hardcover by Serhii Plokhy (Author) 5/17/2022

Nearly Nuclear: A Mismanaged Energy Transition
Paperback by LeRoy Smith (Author) 9/01/2021


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Nuclear Energy Regulation, Risk and The Environment (Routledge Research in Energy Law and Regulation) 1st Edition
by Abdullah Al Faruque (Author) 6/30/2020

Atomic Adventures
Paperback by James Mahaffey (Author) 8/14/2018

Atomic Accidents
Paperback by James Mahaffey (Author) 2/15/2015

The Doomsday Machine: The High Price of Nuclear Energy, the World's Most Dangerous Fuel
Hardcover by Martin Cohen (Author), Andrew McKillop (Author) 3/27/2012

What Will Work: Fighting Climate Change with Renewable Energy, not Nuclear Power (Environmental Ethics and Science Policy)
[Hardcover] Kristin Shrader-Frechette (Author) 12/11

Energy efficiencies and renewable energy are the most effective, cheapest, and equitable solutions to the pressing problem of climate change.

Nuclear Accidents and Disasters (Nuclear Power)
Hardcover by James A. Mahaffey (Author) 11/01/2011

Contesting the Future of Nuclear Power: A Critical Global Assessment of Atomic Energy
[Hardcover] Benjamin K. Sovacool (Author) 5/11

Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know
[Paperback] Charles D. Ferguson (Author) 5/11

Nuclear Accidents and Disasters (Nuclear Power)
[Hardcover] James A., Ph.d. Mahaffey (Author) 4/11

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
[Paperback] David JC MacKay (Author) 2/09

The Dirty Energy Dilemma: What's Blocking Clean Power in the United States
[Hardcover] Benjamin K. Sovacool (Author) 10/08

Books by John Gofman

Radiation (Nuclear Power)
[Hardcover] James A., Ph.d. Mahaffey (Author) 4/11

Nuclear Fission Reactors (Nuclear Power)
[Hardcover] James A., Ph.d. Mahaffey (Author) 4/11

The Future of Nuclear Power
[Hardcover] James A., Ph.d. Mahaffey (Author) 4/11

Fusion (Nuclear Power)
[Hardcover] James A., Ph.d. Mahaffey (Author) 4/11

Nuclear Energy and the Environment (Acs Symposium Series)
[Hardcover] Chien Wai (Editor), Bruce Mincher (Editor) 4/11

Nuclear Energy Development in Asia: Problems and Prospects (Energy, Climate and the Environment)
[Hardcover] Xu Yi-chong (Editor) 3/11

Nuclear Implosions: The Rise and Fall of the Washington Public Power Supply System
[Paperback] Daniel Pope (Author) 2/11

Energy and American Society - Thirteen Myths
[Paperback] Benjamin K. Sovacool (Editor), Marilyn A. Brown (Editor) 11/10

Atomic Awakening: A New Look At The History And Future Of Nuclear Power
Paperback by James Mahaffey (Author) 10/15/2010

Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
[Paperback] Alexey V. Yablokov (Editor), Vassily B. Nesterenko (Editor), Alexey V. Nesterenko (Editor), Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger (Editor) 1/10

Nuclear Power (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints)
[Hardcover] Lauri S. Friedman (Author) 9/09

Atomic America: How a Deadly Explosion and a Feared Admiral Changed the Course of Nuclear History
[Bargain Price] [Hardcover] Todd Tucker (Author) 3/09

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy
[Paperback] Arjun Makhijani (Author) 11/07

Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System
[Paperback] Jim Harding (Author) 10/07

Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer
[Paperback] Helen Caldicott (Author) 9/07

Insurmountable Risks: The Dangers of Using Nuclear Power to Combat Global Climate Change
[Paperback] Brice Smith (Author) 8/06

Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster
[Paperback] Svetlana Alexievich (Author), Keith Gessen (Translator) 4/06

Climate Change: Why Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
[Pamphlet] Martin Empson (Author) 2006

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (Environmental Disasters)
[Hardcover] 4/05

The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex, Revised and Updated Edition
[Paperback] Helen Caldicott (Author) 4/04

The Warning: Accident at Three Mile Island: A Nuclear Omen for the Age of Terror
[Paperback] Mike Gray (Author), Ira Rosen (Author) 4/03

Idaho Falls: The Untold Story of America's First Nuclear Accident
[Paperback] William McKeown (Author) 4/03

Nuclear Madness: What You Can Do
[Paperback] Helen Caldicott (Author) 5/94

Power Struggle: The Hundred-Year War over Electricity
[Hardcover] Richard Rudolph (Author), Scott Ridley (Author) 11/1986

Nuclear Witnesses: Insiders Speak Out
[Paperback] Leslie J. Freeman (Author) 2/82

Nuclear Energy (Debating the Issues)
[Library Binding] Johannah Haney (Author) 9/11

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