Nuclear Power Myths and Realities from Nuclear Industry Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Power Myths

Nuclear Power Disasters

Myths & Facts About Nuclear Energy, Oct. 2010
A synopsis of common myths about nuclear energy and corresponding facts that refute them.

5 Myths on Nuclear Power 3/22/2009

Ten myths about nuclear power - Rob Johnston 1/09/2008

Top 10 Myths about Nuclear Energy

Myths and Facts about Nuclear Power

Radioactive Wastes - Myths and Realities

Debunking the Top 10 Energy Myths 7/07/2010

Facts & Fission POWER & ENERGY 12/2009
A veteran of the Manhattan Project argues for the real-world practicality of nuclear power. By Theodore Rockwell

MYTH 7: Nuclear power is unsafe 4/2009

Dispelling Myths About Nuclear Energy | The Heritage Foundation 12/03/2007

Myths about nuclear energy by Ed Hiserodt | April 30, 2007

Dispelling the Myths About Nuclear Power 3/28/2005

Facing Pandora's Box Of Nuclear Myths And Prejudices Our Friend The Atom?
by Wayne Smith 2/12/2003

Common Nuclear Power Myths

Terrorism and Nuclear Power: What are the Risks?
by Gerald E. Marsh and George S. Stanford

Myths Surrounding Nuclear Power Plants Posted on 14/10/2010

Nuclear Hazards: Myths And Realities



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