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From Grief to Gratitude after Pet Loss: Healing Messages and Guidance from Pets in the Afterlife (Healing Pet Loss Series) (Volume 2)
Paperback by Marianne Soucy (Author) 1/09/2017

Will Dogs Chase Cats in Heaven?: People, Pets, and Wild Animals in the Afterlife
Paperback by Dan Story (Author) 10/17/2016


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Pets and the Afterlife 2: Signs from Pets That Have Passed
Paperback by Rob Gutro (Author) 2/13/2016

Signs From Pets In The Afterlife
Paperback by Lyn Ragan (Author) 12/03/2015

After Death Signs from Pet Afterlife & Animals in Heaven: How to Ask for Signs & Visits and What it Means
Paperback by Brent Atwater (Author) 9/27/2015

Pets and the Afterlife
Paperback by Rob Gutro (Author) 3/27/2014

Animals and the Afterlife : True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death
Paperback English By (author) Kim Sheridan 8/01/2011

All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love
(Paperback) ~ Sylvia Browne (Author) 10/09

Animals in Spirit: Our faithful companions' transition to the afterlife
(Paperback) ~ Penelope Smith (Author) 1/08

Spirit of Animals
(Hardcover) ~ Sylvia Browne (Author), Chris Dufresne (Author) 4/07

Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death
(Paperback) ~ Kim Sheridan Ph.D. (Author) 1/06






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