The American Red Cross First Aid Kit History Blood Donation

The American Red Cross

Red Crosses
Paperback by Sasha Filipenko (Author), Brian James Baer (Translator), Elln Vayner (Translator) 8/24/2021

American Red Cross Lifeguard Exam: Lifesaver Certification
Paperback by Educational Testing Group (Author) 4/09/2018


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Emergency Medical Response Textbook 1st Edition
by American Red Cross (Author) 12/01/2017

First Aid/ CPR/ AED Participant's Manual
Paperback by American Red Cross (Author) 5/01/2017

Lifeguarding Manual
Paperback by American Red Cross (Author) 1/01/2017

The Humanitarians : The International Committee of the Red Cross
(Paperback) by David P. Forsythe 8/05

Dunant's Dream: War, Switzerland and the History of the Red Cross
(Hardcover) by Caroline Moorehead 5/99

Champions of Charity: War and the Rise of the Red Cross
(Paperback) by John F. Hutchinson 10/97

The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook
(Paperback) by American Red Cross, Kathleen A. Handal 5/92

Choosing Quality Child Care : The American Red Cross Search Guide
(Paperback) by American Red Cross Staff 4/01

American Red Cross International Relief Fund
Help victims of the tsunamis and other crises around the world

Hundreds of thousands have been killed...thousands more are missing and injured in the largest earthquake to strike the globe since 1964, causing devastating tsunami waves. The American Red Cross, in partnership with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, is rushing to provide specialized relief and financial assistance to Asian and African countries suffering the devastation from tsunami. We're providing immediate relief and long-term support through relief supplies, including tents, blankets, tarps, plastic sheeting, and hygiene kits.

American Red Cross - First Aid Kits, Finest emergency kits. Perfect gifts for anyone. Protect the ones you love AND support a great cause! Kits are available for your home, hospital, office or car.

Will you get caught in the next disaster? 1,200 tornadoes strike every year A fire department responds to a call every 17 seconds 139 severe earthquakes occur every year without warning Are you really prepared?

RedCross First Aid and Disaster Kits Let the experts help you prepare. Kits designed and endorsed by the American Red Cross prepare your home, office and car. Price comparisons of shopping for individual items at retail show that items can cost over 30% more than purchasing our kits. Your purchase protects your loved ones and supports the work of the American Red Cross.



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