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The Silent Killer Exposed - Uncover The Truth About Hypertension And Discover An Alternative Solution To Harmful Drugs! Attention To Everyone Who Has High Blood Pressure Or Who Wants To Prevent High Blood Pressure. Uncover The Truth About Hypertension. Discover how to lower blood pressure naturally without the use of drugs. The Silent Killer Exposed.

Avoid the harmful side effects of taking blood pressure-lowering drugs. Here s what the American Heart Association listed as potential side effects: leg cramps fatigue attacks of gout insomnia cold hands and feet depression a slow heartbeat symptoms of asthma impotence skin rashes loss of taste a chronic dry hacking cough (rare instances) kidney damage occasional dizziness heart palpitations (your heart flutters unpredictably) swollen ankles constipation headache drowsiness or sluggishness dryness of the mouth fever anemia a stuffy nose diarrhea heartburn possible nightmares swelling around the eyes aches and pains in the joints fluid retention (marked weight gain) excessive hair growth.






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