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Jefferson Daniel P Ivermectin Is It Safe BOOK NEW

War on Ivermectin: The Medicine that Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic
Hardcover – October 25, 2022 by Pierre Kory (Author)

A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals (Children's Health Defense)
Hardcover – August 2, 2022 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author)

THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex
Paperback – May 4, 2022 by John Leake (Author), Peter A. McCullough MD (Author)

Ivermectin for the World
Paperback – June 15, 2021 by Justus R Hope (Author)

Surviving Cancer, COVID-19, and Disease : The Repurposed Drug Revolution
Paperback English By (author) Justus R Hope 9/20/2022

Ivermectin and Abamectin Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989 Edition
by William C. Campbell (Editor)

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