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Generic Cialis® - Tadalafil 20mg - 30's
Generic Levitra® - Vardenafil 20mg - 30's

Generic Propecia® - Finasteride 1mg - 60's
Generic Viagra® - Sildenafil 100mg - 40's

Seypharma Generic pharmacy, quality products, competitive prices and reliable customer service. Seypharma supply the highly sought-after Sonata and a number of female products.

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Generic pharmaceuticals contain exactly the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. In almost all cases, generics work as well as their brand-name siblings, and often cost considerably less. This is possible not because of lower quality, but because research and advertising costs are much less for generics.

The Generic version of a drug may differ in color, size, and shape from its brand-name counterpart; these differences have no effect on the effectiveness and are for commercial or patent reasons only. A drug company can hold exclusive patent rights to make a drug for 20 years after its discovery. After that, other companies can start making generic versions of the drug. All their products are sourced from the manufacturer or pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers.

All medications listed are Generics and all their medications are shipped using the original packaging with Manufacturers Date , Batch Number and Expiry Date.

The appearance and packaging will be different compared to other branded and generics you may be used to in your country. This is due to where the medication is manufactured.

They only source from reputable known suppliers to them and please be assured that the quality is of the highest standard.


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