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Save on long distance calls to over 250 countries with your choice of two prepaid calling cards. Each calling card offers low international and U.S. rates from any phone, including your cell phone. See which calling card fits your calling style best -- and sign up to start saving today!

Net2Phone Direct Calling Card

Net2Phone Direct® Calling Card
The Net2Phone Direct Calling Card for long distance and international calls with no connection fee, starting at just 3.9¢ a minute

* 3.9¢ a minute in the U.S.
* As low as 5¢ a minute for International calls
* Great for traveling - use from over 30 countries
* No connection fee
* Free minutes with sign up

PennyTalk Calling Card

The PennyTalk Calling Card
PennyTalk is the prepaid calling card service that gives you big savings on calls to friends and family around the world. With great low international rates starting at 2¢ per minute to over 250 countries and just 1¢ per minute in the U.S. and Canada, you can talk more, for less!

Use the PennyTalk calling card from any phone: home, cell, office and hotel. It’s easy to use and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

PennyTalk International Phone Card
Phone Card Features Include:

* 1¢ a minute for calls within the U.S. & Canada
* As low as 2¢ a minute for International calls
* Creat for traveling - use from over 30 countries
* 49¢ connection fee per connected call
* National toll-free access number
• Prepaid and rechargeable
• Live customer service
• No contract or commitment
• No-PIN Dialing
• Low 49¢ connection fee per call
• International calls from your cell





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