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Google Real Time Search Google Trends

Bing Twitter Search

Youtube Fast Search


Topsy 43

uberVU Real-time Social Media Analytics 46

LeapFish Living the Web 51

OneRiot Realtime Search for the Real Time Web 51

Real-time Facebook search engine. 53

Collecta Real-time Search

Search updates from Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, Flickr, TwitPic, yFrog, YouTube and Ustream. 56

Twazzup Search twitter Get real insights. 56

CrowdEye 57

Scoopler Real-time Search 59

Discover what the world is talking about. The top stories are determined by analyzing all the blogs, news sources and Tweets on the internet. The information is then organized, ranked and presented so you can quickly keep up to date with the news. 61

the most popular tweets on the web. 61

Buzzzy 62 - Following People at Real-World Events in Real-Time 69





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