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Mozilla Sunbird 0.3.1 4/04/07

Automatic Export 0.2.0 extension - ICS-Export on close

Sunbird Forum
The Sunbird Project is a redesign of the Mozilla Calendar component. The goal is to produce a cross platform standalone calendar application based on Mozilla's XUL user interface language. Sunbird is the standalone form of the Mozilla Calendar. Both use the same base code so their functionality is the same and they share the same bugs and bug fixes. The intended user is someone who uses Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird and wants a calendar application based on Mozilla.

EssentialPIM Free 1.82 7/7/06
EssentialPIM Free is the award-winning, absolutely free personal information manager. Supported by a large community of users, EPIM has been widely acknowledged as the best personal information management system on any desktop or USB flash. It is not bloatware and has no spyware or adware. 61

HalfMoon Calendar 1.1
Lithic Software This easy-to-use calendar has advanced features such as downloadable skins and languages, drag-and-drop creation of reminders, and the ability to get maps to events. The calendar functions permit you to show a reminder, open a file, or execute a program at a specified date and time. You can use recurring events to do something repeatedly--for example, play an MP3 every weekday morning as an alarm clock. Reminders can be created by clicking a date or by dragging and dropping text or files onto a day. HalfMoon skins permit customizing the appearance and functionality of the calendar. Version 1.1 has several enhancements, and now it's easier to share events via e-mail.

Easy To-Do 1.5.7 6/28/06
Easy To-Do helps you manage your To-Do lists. It is a simple but powerful program to help you remember all those important little tasks you have to do, at home or in the office. With Easy To-Do you can become more efficient and get more things done in less time. Easy To-Do can also function as project-management software, letting you assign tasks to a resource, e.g. a project or a person responsible for the task. Here are just some of the features of Easy To-Do: * straightforward user interface * very easy to use * unlimited number of To-Do tasks * categorize tasks ("Home", "Work"..) * assign a resource to a task (e.g. a person or project) * assign a predefined type to tasks (e.g. "Fix", "Buy", "Contact"..) * customized reports * preview and print reports * extensive user customization * filter tasks for easy viewing * sort tasks with up to three sort keys * create recurring tasks * divide tasks on tab pages for better overview * reminders as sounds or speech * quick access from tray bar * simply check off items as tasks are completed * add notes or comments to a task * completed tasks can be archived. 65

TimeTo 2006.08.06
David Berman Communications Organize to get everything done: in less time. Tell TimeTo your priorities and your preferences as to what can be done when, and TimeTo can automatically draft your agenda for you, refreshing it continuously if you wish. TimeTo helps you stay on track, focused and efficient, while reducing your stress level and getting the most important things done. The program can be run directly from any USB flash memory drive, so you can work your schedule on any available Windows computer (without having to re-install). If you're devoted to David Allen's Getting It Done philosophy, TimeTo helps with GTD. 100% compatible with Above & Beyond file format, so if you're an Above and Beyond user, you can easily go back and forth. TimeTo includes alarms, filters, Skype dialing, Outlook import/export, uninstaller, and prints to Filofax, FranklinCovey, DayRunner, Day-Timer formats. Supports input and search in 17 languages. Live synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Launch TimeTo when I start Windows preference, interface improvements. 71

Info Angel 4.0 8/26/06
Angelic Software - Info Angel is a free personal information manager (PIM) that combines a notebook, a contact manager, an organizer, and a bookmark manager into a single interface. You can manage your daily notes, create a database of personal and professional contacts, organize your time, store links to both local documents and the Internet sources.



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