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FanDuel - Build Fantasy Teams & Win Real Money!

One-Week Fantasy Football Leagues For Real Money.
Salary cap format: you get to pick exactly who you want
Play directly against other users for real money
Over 25,000 one-week leagues run weekly in all different sizes
No season-long commitment, you only play when you want
$75 million+ paid out to winners a week this season

FanDuel allows players to build a new fantasy team every day of the season and win real money. They offer a wide variety of entry fee levels ranging from $1 up to $535, with contest size ranging from 1 opponent to 10,000 opponents in their largest tournaments. In the tournaments, prize pools routinely pay out over $50,000, and over $250,000 in some of their high stakes games.

MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL Football, NHL Hockey.
Minimum deposit: $10.

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The Fantasy Sports Boss 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Over 400 Players Analyzed and Ranked
Paperback by Michael E Keneski (Author) 5/03/2017

Fantasy Baseball for Smart People: How to Use Math and Psychology to Win at DFS
Paperback by Jonathan Bales (Author) 3/23/2017

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Dueling with Kings: High Stakes, Killer Sharks, and the Get-Rich Promise of Daily Fantasy Sports
Hardcover by Daniel Barbarisi (Author) 3/07/2017

The Fantasy Sports Boss 2017 NFL Draft Guide
Paperback by Michael E Keneski (Author) 1/22/2017

Fantasy Sports, Real Money
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The Sports Forecaster 2016-17 NHL Preview & Fantasy Yearbook
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Fantasy Football for Smart People: How to Win at Daily Fantasy Sports
Paperback by Jonathan Bales (Author) 8/03/2015

Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived It
Paperback by Matthew Berry (Author) 7/01/2014

Fantasy Football Tips: 230 Ways to Win Through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting
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Fantasy Football for Smart People: What the Experts Don't Want You to Know
Paperback by Jonathan Bales (Author) 5/14/2013

Fantasy Football for Smart People: How to Dominate Your Draft
Paperback by Jonathan Bales (Author) 5/26/2012

Fantasy Football
[Kindle Edition] Jennifer LoGalbo (Author) 1/2011

Fantasy Football Basics: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide for Beginners
[Paperback] Sam Hendricks (Author) 5/2010

Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win Through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting
(Paperback) by Sam Hendricks 6/09

Fantasy Football The Next Level: How to Build a Championship Team Every Season
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How to Win at Fantasy Football: Includes The Sun's Dream Team
(Paperback) by Richard Neale (Author) 7/07

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Why Fantasy Football Matters: (And Our Lives Do Not)
(Paperback) by Erik Barmack (Author), Max Handelman (Author) 8/06

Your Official Guide on How to Dominate Fantasy Football
(Paperback) by Randy Giminez (Author) 6/06

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Fantasy Football is a fantasy sports game in which participants (called "owners"), arranged into a league, each draft or acquire via auction a team of real-life American football players and then score points based on those players' statistical performance on the field. A typical fantasy league will employ players from a single football league, such as the NFL or an NCAA division. Leagues can be arranged in which the winner is the team with the most total points at the end of the season, or in a head-to-head format (which mirrors the actual NFL) in which each team plays against a single opponent each week, and at the end of the year the team with the best win-loss record wins the league. Most leagues set aside the last weeks of the regular season for their own playoffs.






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