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Sunrider® Fortune Delight Herbal Beverage Drink
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Similar to Calli® in providing antioxidant benefits, Fortune Delight® is also concentrated and comes in powder form. Catechins are naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals found in Camellia extract, the primary ingredient in Fortune Delight®. These antioxidants have been shown effective in absorbing damaging free radicals.

Fortune Delight®

Simply mix a 3g pack with 8 oz. of hot or cold water for an herbal beverage that's delicious and refreshing.
Drink it all day for a healthy lifestyle. It can be a great part of your weight management program.
The 3-gram packs are great for travel and introductions, while the 20-gram packs are great for family use or large gatherings.

Fortune Delight Ingredients:
Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract, All Natural Juices (depending on the flavor you get) and less than 1% of natural flavors.

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