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Sunbreeze® Balm and Oil - You won't find anything comparable to Sunbreeze® Oil on the market. That's because it's formulated by owner expertise for quality and safety. It's a great product to use when introducing people to Sunrider, because you can have a refreshing experience by massaging a few drops to your neck, muscles or temples.

Sunbreeze® Balm & Oil can sooth muscles. Both feel cool and refreshing and are ideal for overall rubdowns. Sunbreeze® Balm and Oil. Gently massage into tired muscles.

Sunbreeze® Oil Ingredients:
Menthol, Cassia oil, Mint Extract, Eucalyptus oil and camphor.

Sunbreeze® Balm Ingredients:
Menthol, Wax, Cassia oil and Camphor.

Sunbreeze essential oil has many practical uses when applied to an individual's body. Therefore, it is important to know what are the ingredients contained in Sunbreeze essential oil, a number of ways that this oil can be applied, and the benefits that can be derived.

Sunbreeze essential oil is a combination of three tree oils. Those three ingredients are Cassia, Menthol and Camphor. You can easily recognize menthol and camphor by their minty smell.

The Cassia is an evergreen tree that is found in the southern most part of China. The Menthol ingredient is extracted from the peppermint tree that is indigenous to Europe. and the ingredient of Camphor is extracted from the wood of the Camphor laurel tree. This tree is found in Asia and in the countries of Formosa and Borneo.

Application And Benefits

There are three basic ways that Sunbreeze essential oil can be applied in order to achieve the maximum benefits of this oil. When applying this oil it is important to follow the strict instructions regarding the usage of Sunbreeze essential oil.

The first major benefit of utilizing this oil deals with energizing the mental condition of the individual. This benefit is derived by massaging the oil onto the temples of the head as well as massaging the base of the neck where the skull meets the cervical vertebrae. Application of the Sunbreeze essential oil in this manner helps to alleviate headaches, minimizes sleepiness, and help to promote brain activity. In addition, application of this oil will help to minimize muscle tension in the neck and reduce incidences of motion sickness.

The second benefit surrounding the use of this oil can help to lessen a variety of ailments. Some of these ailments include minor injuries to the skin such as bug bites. In addition, the massaging of this oil onto the appropriate part of the body can help to relieve, rheumatism, muscle pain, a toothache, arthritis, upset stomach, etc.

The final application of Sunbreeze essential oil is different from other application methods. This method is the placing of a small drop on the tongue. Application of Sunbreeze essential oil in this matter is useful when experiencing sinus congestion, vomiting, an upset stomach, motion sickness or a sore throat.

Sunbreeze essential oil is a recipe of three distinct essential oils from different trees. It has many healthful benefits depending on how it is applied. Sunbreeze essential oil should be a part of everyone's first aid kit. sunbreeze essential oil, sunbreeze balm, sunbreeze oil




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