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My Twinn The Just Like Me Doll

My Twinn dolls are created to look like the special child in your life! My Twinn - childrens gift catalog with girls and boys personalized gifts including twin collectible dolls. Custom made look a like dolls, child twin dolls, doll accessories, plush dogs, plush cats and stuffed animals. At My Twinn, you have the opportunity to purchase unique dolls for the unique child in their life. My Twinn, My Twinn Doll, My Twinn Babies, My Twinn Boys, The one-of-a-kind doll created to look like the special child in your life, Poseable Pets by My Twinn, Cuddly Sisters & Cuddly Brothers.

The My Twinn doll is a special friend for your daughter, granddaughter, son or grandson. They create each doll to resemble a photo, provided by the customer, of the child between the ages of 3 and 12. As the customer, you will choose the skin color, eye color, and hair color, as well as the hair style and texture.

From the photos that you provided, their Artisans will choose a face shape that matches an overall likeness of the child and then assemble each doll, complete with custom eyebrows hand-painted by their Artisans and hairstyling by their Hair-stylists. Each personalized doll is created as it is ordered. The My Twinn head is made from high quality polyurethane petroleum based vinyl with beautiful natural skin tones.

The body consists of poli filled cotton inside of soft cloth. The arms and the legs are created of the same high quality vinyl as the head. The hair is of the highest quality modacrylic fiber, lifelike in look and feel, and is professionally styled and cut for a beautiful likeness. My Twinn dolls are 18" tall.

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