Printable Travel Checklist International Foreign Overseas Adventure Trip

Home Checklist

Arrange someone to clean up mailbox for you
Arrange for pet and plant care
Lock windows, garage, and doors
Empty refrigerator
Notify security of your absence

Stop routine deliveries
Make your home seem lived-in while away by putting lights and a radio on timers
Turn down thermostat
Leave keys and itinerary with a friend

Before you Leave
Check To Do and pending tasks list
Email account and website Info memo
Stop email subscriptions
ID cards / Personal Identification / Hostel card / student id card
Valid Passport and visa(s)
Airtickets / e-tickets, In Flight Meal Selection / transport passes
USD or Foreign currency of your destination country /some home country money
Valid Credit cards for overseas spending - check spending limits
Guide books and maps / compass / foreign addresses
Mobile Phone, wire, charger
Check Weather
Paper / Pens / Watch
Emergency Information

Make photocopies of your birth certificate, airline tickets, travel insurance documents and credit cards. Leave a set of copies with someone at home, and take a copy with you but keep them separate from the originals while you are travelling.

Insurance: Trip Cancellation/Medical
Photocopies of documentation
Travelers checks or ATM card
Birth Certificate (if necessary)
Marriage License (if necessary)

Basic Essentials
Backpack - Big & small / Luggage
Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Do NOT Lock checked baggage)
Appropriate Clothing / Swimsuits / Googles
Comfortable Footwear / Sandals
Running Vest, running shorts, racing shoes, disposable gloves, rubbish bags
Rain Protection
Digital Camera & Batteries
Brimmed Hat or Visor
Small Flashlight
Bio Energy Card

Water bottle, Water Purification System
Tent, sleeping mat
Address Book
Reading Materials
Travel Alarm Clock
Small Binoculars
Playing Cards/Games

Maintenance Items
Folding Knife/ Scissors (place in checked baggage)
Baking Soda/ Laundry Soap Packets
Laundry Bag / Mesh Bag for Dirty Laundry
Ziplock Plastic Bags / Cups / Plastic boxs / plastic forks

Mini Sewing Kit (place in checked baggage)
Matches or Lighter
Travel Iron or Steamer
Sink Stopper

Sunbreeze balm
Bandage tapes / First Aid Kit
Paper fan/ Insect Repellent
Sunscreen / long cloths
Toilet paper / Personal Hygiene Items


Toothbrushes / toothpaste / Mouthwash / Water Jet / Dental Floss
Shampoo / soaps
Shaver/ Shaving Cream

Cut Nails, Toenail Trimming
Towel / Washcloth
Coconut Oil / Lotions / Creams

Blow Dryer

Contact Lens Preparations
Aspirin/Pain Reliever
Cold/Sinus Medication
Diarrhea Medicine
Antibiotic Ointment
Alcohol Wipes
Motion Sickness Medicine
Personal Prescriptions


Travel Services
Airline Tickets
Car Rental
Hotel Reservation
Discount Cruise

Online Shopping