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Find the cheapest flights with momondo. They find and compare fares from more than 1,000 airlines and travel sites, giving you the best rates. You get the best deals, They search and compare real-time prices on flights so you can find the cheapest, quickest and best travel deals.

100% price transparency. The prices you see are never affected by your searches, no matter how many you make. They do not use cookies to adjust or increase prices.

Trusted and free. They are completely free to use – no hidden charges or fees – and they are endorsed by Frommer's, CNN and the New York Times. Find the best available flight prices for you. No hidden fees. They strive to make sure that what you see is what you pay.

momondo is by default set up to search for round-trip tickets. However, you can easily change this to search for multi-city tickets. All you need to do is select 'Multi-city' in the menu above the search bar. Once you have selected this trip type, you can enter the destinations, dates and up to 4 legs in total. Please be advised that they do not currently offer Price Alerts on multi-city routes.




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