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The History Channel Presents The Presidents (DVD - 2005)
Historical Documentaries
Film History & Film Making Documentaries, National Geographic History & Culture, Ancient History
World History & Culture, National Archives Documentaries, Military History Documentaries, History
NBA Complete History
America: The Story of Us ~ ~ (DVD - 2010)
The History Channel Presents The Revolution ~ American Revolution, Revolutionary War, and War of Independence (DVD - 2006)
The Dark Ages (The History Channel ) ~ RJ Allison (DVD - 2007)
America at War Megaset (History Channel) ~ History Channel (DVD - 2008)
Decisive Battles of the Ancient World (History Channel) (DVD - 2006)
Michael Jackson - Video Greatest Hits - HIStory ~ Michael DeLorenzo, Simon Fields, Traci Guns, and Iman (DVD - 2001)
Michael Jackson - History on Film, Vol. 2 ~ Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Brandon Quintin Adams, and Rosanna Arquette (DVD - 1998)
Michael Jackson: HIStory: Video Greatest Hits [VHS] ~ Michael Jackson, Simon Fields, Traci Guns, and Iman (VHS Tape - 1995)
The Universe: The Complete Season One ~ The Universe (DVD - 2007)
The History Channel - The Premiere Collection 2006 (DVD - 2006)


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