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The Waterboy (1998) Comedy
Synopsis: Adam Sandler is the lowly water boy for a college football
team, although he possesses a hulk like talent for tackling. Henry Winkler
discovers Sandler's untapped gift for pummeling people and promotes
Sandler from water boy to star football player. Sandler's key motivation: he
visualizes his opponents as all of the bullies who have made fun of him.
Starring: Sandler, Winkler, et al. 1 hour 27 minutes

Bulworth (1998) Comedy
Synopsis: Warren Beatty writes, directs, produces and stars as Jay
Bulworth, a desperate U.S. senator who hires a hit man to kill himself.
Freed from the constraints of a typical re-election campaign, Bulworth is
emboldened to actually tell people the truth about our current state. Besides rapping for the greater good, Beatty falls for beautiful activist Halle Berry.
Starring: Warren Beatty, et al. 1 hour 48 minutes

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998) Romantic
Synopsis: Drew Barrymore is a Cinderella built for the '90s. She may live in the 16th century, and she may own a great pair of glass slippers, but this maiden doesn't need a fairy godmother to overcome evil stepmother Anjelica Huston. She's already pals with Leonardo da Vinci. When it comes to rescuing, she's the one carrying Prince Charming.
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston 2 hours 2 min

Urban Legend (1998) Horror
Synopsis: The latest teen slasher flick involves a few of the usual suspects: savvy '90s kids at a hip college campus, a mysterious killer with a dangerous agenda, and a resourceful heroine with a strong pair of lungs. The slasher's modus operandi: he dispatches his victims according to the outcomes of urban legends.
Starring: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt 1 hour 38 min

What Dreams May Come Drama
Synopsis: Robin Williams dies and goes to heaven after a tragic car accident. He is reunited in paradise with his pet dog and several old friends. Kindly guardian Cuba Gooding Jr. watches over him as he searches for another dear companion . . . his wife. Unable to make it through eternity without her, he sets out on a quest to re-connect with her spirit.
Starring: Williams, Gooding Jr., et al. 1 hour 53 minutes

Antz (1998) Family
Woody Allen is the voice of an ant known in his colony as Z-4195. He's set his sights on Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), but she may be a bit out of his crawling range. Luckily, a twist of fate turns the independent bug into a hero not only for his wannabe antfriend, but for every multi-legged insect faced with the natural pressures of conformity.
Starring: Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, et al. 1 hour 17 minutes

Practical Magic (1998) Comedy
Synopsis: Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman cast their spells in this bewitching romantic comedy. The two stars are sister witches who have trouble coping in the '90s. Three hundred years ago, their ancestor placed a curse on any man who would dare to fall for them. Problems arise when one companion ends up dead, and another fetching detective starts investigating.
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, et al. 1 hour 43 minutes

Ronin Action/Adventure
Synopsis: Robert De Niro stars in an action drama about a group of
former intelligence agents recruited to complete one final covert mission. De Niro is the hired American, along with other modern day "ronins" (a term for samurais without a master), to recover a mysterious briefcase at all costs. Their instructions come from an unknown employer who may have
ulterior motives. 2 hours 1 minutes

Snake Eyes (1998) Action/Adventure
Synopsis: Nicolas Cage stars as an Atlantic City police detective. Gary
Sinise is his friend, a Naval officer in charge of security at a championship
boxing match. In a split second when Sinise's back is turned, the U.S.
Secretary of Defense is assasinated. After the exits are blocked, Cage
probes through 14,000 witnesses to find the truth.
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, et al. 1 hour 39 minutes

Soldier Sci-fi
Synopsis: Kurt Russell stars as a lean, mean, futuristic fighting machine manufactured to defend against all enemies. When he's tossed into the scrap heap in favor of new model Jason Scott Lee, the ex-soldier teams with a colony of human outcasts on a distant planet. Targeted for elimination by his former employers, Russell aids the group in their battle for survival.
Starring: Kurt Russell, et al. 1 hour 38 minutes

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