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Golf Digest Magazines
Lower your scores with the world's most widely read golf publication. Only Golf Digest brings you exclusive instruction and interviews from world-class players like Price, Els, Watson, Alcott and Woods. Plus, you'll find the latest golfing equipment, tips for improving your technique, and news from the golf world.

T & L Golf Magazine
From the editors of Travel & Leisure, T & L Golf is written for golfers who share a lifestyle that embraces a wide array of sophisticated interests. It treats the game of golf as an entry point to everything else in the world. Plus, it provides you with tips to improve your game, wherever you are playing! T & L Golf puts you at the center of a constellation of interests, including travel, wonderful wines, stylish clothing, golf (and the sport's top players), home properties, and the best new gear.

Golf Magazine Print Magazine
is America's leading authority on the game of golf. Each monthly issue provides readers with insightful how-to instruction, features, tournament coverage, reviews of new equipment, and extensive articles on travel and lifestyle. Interviews with some of the must successful golfers in the world also help you learn from their expertise and experience.

Golf For Women Magazines
Golf For Women is for women who want to learn more about golfing and improve their games. In each issue, you'll find features on travel, instruction, fashion, equipment, health, and fitness, as well as advice from LPGA staff and instructors.

Golf Illustrated Magazines
Golf Illustrated is the oldest golf magazine in the country, and has been in publication since 1914. Dedicated to helping you shave strokes off your score and get more enjoyment out of the game, each bimonthly issue is full of tips, pointers, and destinations that will improve your golfing experience

Sports Illustrated - Golf Plus Magazine
Sports Illustrated-Golf Plus is a special subscriber-only bonus section for Sports Illustrated readers who love golf. Forty times a year, extra pages (over 400 for the entire year) are added to the weekly issue of SI at no additional cost. Sports Illustrated-Golf Plus brings you in-depth previews of upcoming events, outstanding coverage of weekly tournaments, news and notes from the world of golf, insightful profiles of your favorite players, and much more.

Golf World Magazine
Golf World is the news magazine of golf — the only place where you'll find same-week tournament coverage of your favorite sport. Not just results, not just the standings, but in-depth reporting by knowledgeable writers who have a real feel for the sport. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the pros, on and off the course. Plus, golf news, tournament results, on-the-spot reporting, and reviews of courses in every issue.

Maximum Golf Magazine
Maximum Golf is unlike any golf magazine you've ever seen. It's the only magazine that captures the hip, new spirit of golf. Each monthly issue delivers inside dirt on young pros like Sergio, David, and that Tiger guy, as well as clear, simple tips that will actually lower your score instead of just messing with your head. Golf isn't work; Golf is fun. Finally, there's a golf magazine that agrees.

Senior Golfer Magazine
Senior Golfer is the official publication of the Senior Golfers of America. The magazine provides results of SGA tournaments, a calendar of events, and other news of interest to members.

Schwing! Magazine
Schwing! is the alternative golf magazine that examines golf from a youthful perspective, targeting readers from 16 to 40 years old. Schwing! covers professional golf as well as today's celebrity participants, such as musicians, Hollywood personalities, and athletes from other sports who play the game. Schwing! is a quarterly magazine for the golfer who takes the game seriously, plays by the rules, but never looses sight of why they are out on the course: to have fun.

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