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The Refiner Golf Club Swing Trainer 5-Iron Hinged Aid Right Hand Steel Shaft 38

Golf Swing Trainers and Golf Training Aids from ReFiner Golf. Advanced PATENTED golf training aid. The ReFiner is a club to help your golf swing during practice and a two-way adjustable-hinged five iron, engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo swing. The accompanying allen key allows users to maintain optimum calibration.

ReFiner Golf Training Aids - The Leader in Hinged Golf Swing Trainers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. ReFiner Golf Company

ReFiner® 460cc Driver

The 2008 model ReFiner Driver goes big!

At 460cc, this two-way adjustable-hinged is similar in size to all the new drivers on the market, allowing you to take the smooth, even tempo swing that you can learn with our hinged training products and apply this training to your driver of choice.

The ReFiner® is a PATENTED two-way adjustable-hinged driver, engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo swing.

The ReFiner® allows you to:

1. Practice at the range or at home.
2. Receive instant feedback.
3. Improve tempo, timing, and clubhead position.
4. Practice any time of the year.
5. Make better contact with the ball, hitting it straighter and further.

Driver Lengths:
Mens - 44".
Womens - 41".
Juniors - 39"

Instructional DVD included with every order.

Bring your "A" Game to the Course
The ReFiner Golf Swing Trainer improves your swing by feel, not by complicated swing mechanics, so you can bring your refined swing to the course where it counts most.

It's in the Bag!
The ReFiner Golf Swing Trainer is the size and weight of a regular club so it fits easily in your bag. Swing the ReFiner on the practice tee before a round to find your swing.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
Going for par 5's in two is the only risk you will take with the ReFiner. We are so confident that you will love our golf training aid, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

See The ReFiner in Action
The following video demonstrates the ReFiner Swing Trainer in action. Look for this 60 second spot on The Golf Channel.

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