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Water is nature's greatest present and something that mankind simply cannot live without. We are not, however, talking about water that is just clean and tasty.


Pi-Water: The Water of Life
(Paperback) by Ph.D. Shinju Makino (Author), M.D. David Y.S. Kim (Translator), Kazuko Kuriyama (Translator) 2002

The Miracle of Pi-Water: A Gift from the Cosmos: The Revolutionary Technology of Water That Will Safe Our Planet and Its People
[Paperback] Shinji Makino (Author) 99


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The Importance of Water

The human body is composed of approximately 70% water and of this amount 2/3 is contained within cells as the cell fluid while the remaining 1/3 is contained outside cells as either blood fluid or fluid between cells. We can therefore say that activity essential to human life is conducted completely "in and around water".

Thus, "contamination of water is a threat to human health and life". The water that we daily consume is said to flow completely through the body and reach the brain within 30 minutes. Anyone who takes this fact into consideration will automatically understand the importance of water to the human body.

What is Pi Water

Pi Water has very similar characteristics to your body's water. Pi Water is one of the most basic yet innovative waters in the world. The word "Pi" means returning to the source. It helps to increase the body's own regenerative healing energy and balance.

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Hong Kong is the HQ of the company (Qnet) which selling this HomePure. HomePure is Korean made, German Engineering, Japan Technology. Price of HomePure is 620 USD. Maintenance every year OR after the usage of 4320 litres of water. Each time maintenance only cost 110 USD.
QNet membership USD10 per year. First Time purchase must be at retail, no min product value.
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