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Daily updated search engine monitoring hundreds sites with hack & crack stuff was founded in 1994 as one of the first search engines for computer security information. In practice it turned out to be used as a search engine for security exploits, software for hacking, cracking and different keygenerators and software cracks. The site is also known for referencing things such as spyware and viruses and because of this the website is known to possibly contain data, links, downloadable files, and information some users would consider spyware, adware, or other unwanted programs. is hosted in Slovakia.

Astalavista is a pun on the phrase said by The Terminator: "Hasta la vista, baby" (meaning "see you later, baby" in Spanish) and on the name of the AltaVista search engine. Astalavista is also used to refer to other computer security related websites like the Astalavista Security Group.

Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide, Windows 8.1 Edition (7th Edition)
[Paperback] Michael Miller (Author) 1/24/2014

Barron's AP Computer Science A, 6th Edition
[Paperback] Roselyn Teukolsky (Author) 2/01/2013

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Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts Third Edition: Troubleshooting PC Hardware Problems from Boot Failure to Poor Performance
Paperback – by Morris Rosenthal (Author) 1/25/2013

The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense
(Paperback) by Joel Comm 4/06

The Great Formula : for Creating Maximum Profit with Minimal Effort
(Hardcover) by Mark Joyner 4/06

Money For Content and Your Clicks For Free : Turning Web Sites, Blogs, and Podcasts Into Cash
(Paperback) by J. D. Frazer 11/05

Head First Design Patterns
(Paperback) by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra 10/04

1. HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide ~ Elizabeth Castro / Paperback

2. PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide (2nd Edition) ~
David Pogue, Tim O'Reilly (Editor) / Paperback / Published 2000
3. Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 ~
Alex Fedorov, et al / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998
4. Javascript : The Definitive Guide ~
David Flanagan / Paperback / Published 1998
5. Programming Perl (2nd Edition) ~ Larry Wall, et al / Paperback / Published 1996

6. CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide ~ Todd Lammle, et al / Hardcover

7. Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing) ~
Erich Gamma, et al / Hardcover / Published 1995

8. Learning Perl (2nd Edition) ~
Randal L. Schwartz, et al / Paperback / Published 1997

9. Javascript Bible, 3rd Edition ~
Danny Goodman, Brendan Eich / Paperback / Published 1998

10. Java Servlet Programming ~
Jason Hunter, et al / Paperback / Published 1998

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