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Tips: Price is not the only factor to consider when doing online shopping. These search engines are best to spot product availability. You may instead search directly from the merchant sites you like. The search result from these engines are not accurate enough.

Google Shopping
USA   Canada   Australia    UK    Germany    France

Yahoo Product Search 17K+ merchants. Product reviews and prices. 42 38K+ merchants

PriceGrabber  55  61    65

Consumer Reports Magazine Subscription (1-year auto-renewal)

ShopSmart (1-year auto-renewal)

Consumer Reports Money Adviser (1-year auto-renewal)

Consumer Reports On Health (1-year auto-renewal)

Lucky All Access + Free Shoppers Tote & Lucky's Digital Guides

MSN Shopping Beta   MSN Shopping

Dulance Product Search   38 3K merchants 36 2K+ merchants 34 38 Europe 39 Computer street price search engine

Top Ten Reviews Expert Product Reviews 41 41 Kelkoo Shopping UK 41

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker   43 44

PriceScan 44 49 44 44

Products Reviews and Ratings 49

Pissed Consumer
Consumer reviews and complaints. 51  51 51 Consumer Reviews 51 51 buying guides, forums, reviews, specs 51

Top Consumer Reviews 61

mySimom com 61 75

Google Book Search 45

AddAll Book Search 47

Used book search

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Social Shopping
Net Detective

Online Shopping